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Featuring Tom Baker as the voice of Sarge.

A fascinating time-travel adventure in the same vein as the Back to the Future trilogy, BACKTIME features a fast-paced story line, unforgettable characters, and stunning visual effects.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Steven Miller, BACKTIME tells the story of Jase and Kayla, two young lovers who accidentally travel 7,000 years into the future to the mysterious Labyrinth of the Time Machine. They're thrown into battle against Time Terrorists, a gang of futuristic warriors bent on stealing natural resources from the present. A time paradox grows as Jase and Kayla bounce back and fourth between the present and the future. With help from Zymo, a mischievous little "refugee from a bad time," and Sarge (Tom Baker), the sly robot who controls the time door, they struggle to defeat the Time Terrorists and save the world.

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