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Smoky Mountain Christmas


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Country music superstar Lorna Davis (Dolly Parton) is overwhelmed and disillusioned by her career and loneliness. She plans a trip to a friend's cabin in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains to escape and recuperate during the Christmas season.

Upon arriving at the cabin, Lorna finds it has become the impromptu home of seven orphans who are hiding from the orphanage in town. The children actually discover her sleeping in one of the beds, (an allusion to the Seven Dwarfs finding Snow White) to which the youngest girl proclaims: "I know who she is. She's the Angel."

Because they both have secrets to keep - the orphans don't want to be found by the orphanage and Lorna doesn't want to be found by anyone from LA - they agree to keep each other's presence at the cabin a secret. Lorna then quickly builds strong friendships with the children.

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