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Magician's House Complete Series


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This fantasy for the family, originally produced as a miniseries for the BBC, follows three children, Mary (Katie Stuart), William (Steven Webb), and Alice (Olivia Coles), as they spend the summer with Mary's father, who lives in the lush woods of the Golden Valley of Wales. The children encounter Stephen Tyler (Ian Richardson), a magician who has mastered the art of traveling through time. As Tyler attempts to save the rare Golden Badger, whose home in the Golden Valley threatens to be destroyed by greedy property developers, he sends himself back to the 16th century, where he discovers the all-powerful Black Gold. But the powers of Black Gold are difficult to harness, and when Tyler's assistant Matthew Morden (Christopher Redman) gets his hands on the stuff, it nearly puts the valley into the hands of Tyler's enemies. Based on the popular series of books by William Corlett.

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