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John Denver and the Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday


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John Denver takes the Muppets (tm) on a camping trip in the mountains of Colorado. Like all Muppet specials, this one is riddled with comedy and songs. However it's the songs that make a lasting impression as Denver's gentle spirited ballads keep coming one after the other. In fact, they somehow manage to jam pack 16 songs in this 47-minute feature. But this special isn't just an ordinary collection of poetic prose and sketch comedy; it's a message about protecting the environment and enjoying the natural beauties of this planet we call home. The adventure begins with Denver and the Muppets arriving a wooded parking lot that leads to their Rocky Mountain campsite. As soon as Denver steps out of the truck he breaks into the song "Hey Old Pal," and from here on out the songs just keep coming. We follow our group as they hike seven miles to their lakeside destination. Along the way we pass a wood cabin and the hillbilly residents sing the song "Take 'Em Away," a song about picking up your trash when you're done. When they arrive at camp, the crew splits up to perform their individual campsite duties. Denver goes off to catch dinner with Floyd while singing the delightfully mellow "Gone Fishin'." Kermit's young nephew Robin is asked to hang a clothesline, and when Robin fails to hang the line high enough, Denver impatiently snaps at him and feels bad about his outburst. He finds Robin upset in the woods, and expresses his apologies with the beautiful sentimental song "Catch Another Butterfly." Soon nighttime arrives, and our group of fun loving campers find themselves singing around the campfire. Here they sing tons of songs, and the special comes to an end with Denver saying "good night" to all of his Muppet friends.

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