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Good and Evil Complete Series


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Good & Evil starred Teri Garr as the "evil" sister, Denise Sandler, and Margaret Whitton as the "good" sister, Genny. Denise was out to steal both her mother Charlotte's (Marian Seldes) cosmetic empire and her sister's boyfriend, Dr. Eric Haan (Lane Davies). Other characters included George (Mark Blankfield), a blind psychiatrist in love with Genny, and Charlotte's feisty Southern boyfriend, Harlan Shell (Lane Smith), who was the current president of the cosmetics company. Denise's plans to seize the company from Harlan's control began with her invention of a facial creme in which she was sure would hit it big in the market (that is, if it didn't end up peeling off the faces of consumers). Eventually, she plotted murder against Harlan. Her fellow employees and allies at the company were Mary (Mary Gillis) and her dumb assistant Roger (Sherman Howard). Genny, meanwhile, had put her idealistic life back together after the death of her husband, and was about to marry Dr. Eric; however, she couldn't understand why her beautiful daughter Caroline (Brooke Theiss) had been mute since the time of her father's death. Things turned more bizarre when Denise's attempts to blackmail Genny's fiancee started a violent rivalry between the sisters; Genny confided in her shrink George for support, but then found herself fighting off his romantic advances.

Complete 6 Episodes that were aired

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