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Before ordering, please be aware that the DVD's I provide are NOT commercially-produced recordings. These films and Television Programs are not currently available commercially on DVD in the United States or Canada and are believed to be in public domain.


All transactions are from collector to collector only. No profit is made from this trading and it is done only for my enjoyment,to help others to expand their collection and to expand my own collection. This site is not for commercial use. The price you pay is a service fee that covers cost of discs, cases, ink/toner, paper, packing material, shipping costs, wear and tear on my equipment and any other expense incurred to complete the transaction. Actual content on DVDs is free. No rights are given, intended, expressed or implied. This service is meant to preserve the life of these great films and television programs.

You are agreeing that you are not working for any television or movie production studio, network or affiliated organizations. You are not employed by, or a member of a professional organization or any other independent association. You are not employed by the federal government, an affiliated agency of any type or sub-contractor of an independent agent. You are not an agent of any national or international law enforcement or postal agency collecting evidence with the sole purpose of harassment or prosecution against Times Forgotten or its owners/associates.


TV Shows and Films that are not available commercially on DVD in the US or Canada.


  • Movies or TV Shows that are commercially available for sale on DVD in the US or Canada.
  • Movies that are currently in the theatre or waiting to be released on DVD.
  • Beastiality films


  • Copies of DVDs released in the US or Canada over ten years ago and I can't find for sale anywhere. Meaning they are now Out-of-Print (OOP)
  • Copies of DVDs released and immediately recalled.


If I am wrong, and you are officially involved with a title, and wish it removed from my site, please send a cease and desist notification--with credentials, along with the information necessary to contact you.

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